School Streets

Gill Mills St Pauls Way Primary School

School streets aim to encourage activity, reduce pollution and help growth, learning and development.

Each school will have different proposals but all will feature greenery to improve air quality and the environment for everyone.

Staff, residents and businesses will be able to access the area while making it safer and quieter for the school and the community.

For streets with timed closures, residents and businesses can apply for a school street permit to retain access at all times.

Changes could include:

  • bike and scooter storage
  • wider pavements and safer crossings
  • restricting traffic at the start and end of school days (term time only)
  • tree planting to offer shelter and extra greenery
  • green walls to filter air and create attractive spaces
  • clean air gardens to learn about nature and improve the environment.

Schemes are prioritised according to the following criteria:

  • Air quality audits
  • School Travel Plan status / STARS accreditation
  • Potential for travel mode shift
  • Risk assessment for school crossing patrols
  • Current road safety complaints
  • In target area for Public Health Schools Superzones
  • Ringfenced funding availability
  • Participation in cycle training / Bikeability 
  • School readiness to participate

You can speak to your child's school about the School Travel Plan and check their STARS accreditation status.

Chisenhale School Street

A report outlining the consultation, engagement process and the analysis of the engagement survey results for the Chisenhale Primary School, School Street programme in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets is available.

Consultation for Chisenhale Primary School took place between Monday 31 January 2022 and Friday 27 February 2022.

Information letters were sent out during this period, directing people to the online survey. It was on Let’s Talk Tower Hamlets.


Transport for London run an accreditation scheme to inspire young Londoners to travel to school sustainably and safely by championing walking, scooting and cycling.

The Sustainable Travel: Active, Responsible, Safe scheme is open to all London schools and nurseries with Gold, Silver and Bronze awards to recognise efforts to encourage sustainable travel.

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Free and discounted public transport

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Play Streets 

To help all our residents live healthier and happier lives, particularly the youngest in our borough, we've made it possible to apply to close a street for a short time to let children play.

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