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Naming ceremonies

Book a civil ceremony to welcome your new child into the world

Nature and Us festive walks

We would love for you to join 'Nature and Us' for one of our Festive Season Walks.

Nature Walk

Join us for a fun and educational interactive walk to learn about bugs, plants and nature

Neighbourhood Management Pilot

Find out the latest developments in what the Council and partners are doing to tackle crime and ASB in the Neighbourhood Management Area

Neighbourhood planning

Neighbourhood Planning enables local communities to guide development in their area through neighbourhood forums and neighbourhood plan documents.

Neighbourhood Walkabouts & Community Action Days (2019)

Neighbourhood Walkabouts & Action Days in partnership with the Police Safer Neighbourhood Teams, community cafety partners and residents.

Neighbourhood Watch

Find out about schemes in your area or how to start one up.

New babies

When you've had a baby, things can seem overwhelming. Here's what you need to know about getting registered in one place.

New champions to tackle hate

Ten new community champions received certificates from Mayor Biggs for completing their training on ways to tackle hate and discrimination.

New penalties for idling engines

We have introduced penalties for cars that leave their engines running when they are stationary. It's part of the Breathe Clean campaign, which aims to reduce air pollution in Tower Hamlets.
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