One Stop Shops

Tower Hamlets Council's One Stop Shops offer face-to-face contact and provide information and support with accessing all of the council's services.

The most popular services are Housing and Council Tax Benefits, housing provided by Tower Hamlets Homes, Council Tax, social services and parking.

There are regular surgeries offering advice on pensions, debt and other services available in Tower Hamlets – please ask at one of the shops for details.

We are experienced customer care professionals who aim to put the needs of the customers first and provide advice on, or solutions to, enquiries about council services.

Where you can find us

The One Stop Shops are open 6 days a week at various locations in Tower Hamlets. Select your preferred One Stop Shop for more information on location and opening times. 

Changes to the way people access council services

The council has five Idea Stores and four One Stop Shops. With the exception of the Bethnal Green One Stop Shop based at 1 Rushmead, the Idea Stores are situated in close proximity to the One Stop Shops. In Watney Market, the One Stop Shop is actually inside the Idea Store.

By November, these services will be integrated at the Idea Stores, apart from Bethnal Green One Stop Shop. Stepney and Wapping One Stop Shop closed on 21 June. 

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