Health & safety at work: advice & training

The council provides advice and training for health and safety in the workplace.  We do this by:

  • visiting commercial activities on a risk based programme
  • responding to complaints concerning health and safety or workplace conditions within 5 working days
  • responding immediately to fatalities and major injuries to employees and the public that occur in the workplace
  • offering the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Foundation in health and safety certificate to all commercial organisations where more than 10 delegates are available. A charge will apply for this course.

You can help us help you by:

  • cooperating with any request for information into an investigation
  • being patient, and allowing for a little time to discuss the outcome and recommendations arising from a premises inspection.

For more information on health and safety at work, see the Health and Safety Executive's website.

Health and safety prosecutions register

The council will keep information on any businesses that have been prosecuted for health and safety breaches.

Prosecutions register

The council enforces trading, licensing and public health legislation. It covers all aspects of consumer protection issues, rogue traders, safety legislation and food premises. In addition to this, the council also enforces anti-fraud legislation in relation to dishonest claims for benefit.

If businesses have been prosecuted for health and safety breaches, the details are available on the Health and Safety Executive website.

Contact us:

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