Praxis Community Projects

What can Praxis help with?

Praxis provide free immigration advice to people in Tower Hamlets, Hackney or who have No Fixed Address. 

In some cases, they might be able to offer representation. 

Their focus is on applications made on human rights grounds.

Priority is given to those on a very low income or people experiencing destitution.

What cannot Praxis help with?

Unfortunately, Praxis cannot help with:

  • asylum claims
  • entry clearance applications
  • naturalisation
  • student/skilled worker visas

Telephone advice

Who can call Praxis?

If you live in London and are:

  • of No Fixed Address
  • on a very low income
  • experiencing destitution

You can call Praxis for free immigration advice.

When are the phone lines open?

  • Wednesdays 2-5pm
  • Thursdays 10am-1pm

Phone lines can get very busy so do keep trying throughout the session

Tel: 020 7749 7605

Drop in clinics for free immigration advice

Who can attend a Praxis clinic in Tower Hamlets?

If you live in Tower Hamlets, Hackney or have No Fixed Address and you are:

  • on a very low income
  • experiencing destitution

You can go to a Praxis drop in clinic.

Unfortunately, if you fall outside of this, you will not beable to get an appointment for advice.

When do the drop in clinics happen?

Clinics happen on the second Sunday of every month.

Doors open from 9am

What is the drop in clinic address?

Pott Street,
London E2 0EF

There is a huge demand for the Praxis service

Praxis can only offer 12 immigration appointments, so please arrive before 9am.

Appointments are given out on a first come first served basis.

Praxis have very limited capacity for non-immigration advice issues. Any support they provide will mainly be signposting.

How contact Praxis

Pott Street
London E2 0EF

Text phone: 020 7729 0154
Tel: 020 7729 7985


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