Bullying and harassment policy

Tower Hamlets offers support and advice for children, young people, parents, carers, schools and professionals on how to deal with bullying. We also offer help for bullies with changing their behaviour and for staff who have responsibility for policy development.

What support can you offer my school?

We can help you gather information very quickly about what your pupils, staff and parents think about bullying and how you are dealing with it through our free electronic survey.

We can advise you on developing your school’s anti-bullying policy and we can run workshops looking at aspects of bullying for parents, pupils and staff.

My child is being bullied. What should I do?

Speak to your child’s class teacher or Head of Year. You can also contact the teacher in the school who is responsible for dealing with bullying.

If you are not happy with the way your child's school has dealt with a bullying incident involving her or him and you wish to make a formal complaint, first of all ask to see the school's complaints procedure.  That will normally advise you to write to the Chair of Governors.

If you want advice or to find out what options are open to you, contact the Parents Advice Centre or the anti-bullying officer in the Behaviour Support Team (see details below).

How to contact us

Behaviour support team

Members of the team are available to help schools develop their anti-bullying policies and deliver training on dealing with bullying to groups of staff, parents and pupils.

The Behaviour Support Team
English Street
London E3 4TA

Tel: 020 7364 6263 during office hours

Further information


Tel: 0800 1111
Visit the Childline website

Step Forward

(Information and Support for Young People in and around Tower Hamlets)
Tel: 020 7739 3082                
Visit the Step Forward website

Anti-Bullying Alliance

Visit the Anti-bullying Alliance website