School governors and traded services

Support for governors and schools  

These pages will tell you who school governors are, what they do and how to become one.  

For existing governors, clerks and school leaders, there is information to help you recruit new governors, about the policies you have and the work you must do. 

There are also links to national services that can help governing bodies work legally, efficiently and effectively.

Tower Hamlets Governor Services 

I am very proud to lead the School Governors support service in Tower Hamlets. We do our upmost to help schools recruit governors who represent the local community and then support them to make sure they have skills to drive schools in the right direction.

In these pages, you will find lots of information about how we do that. I hope you find all the answers you need.  

Farhad Ahmed, Head of School Governance
Information and traded services

The Governor Services team supports school governing bodies to serve pupils, parents, carers and communities and raise levels of educational achievement 

We help governors better understand their role and strengthen their capacity to lead and sustain school improvement 

We inform the community about governors’ work and support people to get involved.

We help recruit new governors who reflect our diverse local communities. 

Our services respond to their changing needs and are efficient, effective and value for money 

 For governors we offer:

For schools we also offer: 

  • discounted access to GovernorHub, a multi-functional online resource (free for schools with a service level agreement) 

  • a high quality and professional clerking service to relieve the burden on schools by providing effective administration support by trained and confident clerks. The service guarantees expert advice that will make sure governors meet the requirements of legislation, the Ofsted framework and the Audit Commission.  

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