School governors

You can find information about becoming a school governor, as well as information for existing governors and clerks to governing bodies.

We have updated our webpages to reflect recent changes to legislation. If you have any ideas on our content or have any questions please contact us.

About Governor Services

The service aims to support school governing bodies in raising educational attainment by:

  • strengthening their capacity to lead and sustain school improvement
  • enabling governors to better understand their role.

We provide services that are:

  • efficient, effective and value for money
  • responsive to the changing needs of governing bodies.

We help to ensure that governing bodies reflect the local community by:

  • keeping the community informed about the work of governors
  • supporting the recruitment of governors from the wider community.

See how our governor services team supports schools in the borough:

What we do

  • provide advice and support for governing bodies and school governors on their roles and responsibilities.
  • provide a clerking service to schools, more information on our service level agreement
  • support schools in recruiting and appointing governors
  • provide a training programme for governors
  • organise a termly director's meeting with governors
  • provide the termly written Director’s report to governors on key national and local policy developments
  • provide a helpline for confidential advice.

New governors

If you are a new governor please take a look at the guidance for new governors page for more information. You also find out about our governor training package.

Get in touch

For more information please contact 020 7364 3141 or email