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Air pollution and idling

Affect on lung function infographic

Air pollution is a major environmental risk to health.

Tower Hamlets has the most traffic in the country and transport is the main source of air pollution, responsible for nearly 40 per cent of carbon dioxide emitted.

We want to take action to improve air quality in Tower Hamlets for our residents and visitors by stopping cars idling.

Eliminating idling is an easy and achievable way to instantly reduce harmful emissions and improve air quality.

Air quality affects everyone, from the young to the elderly, so we all have a part to play.


Exposure To pollution infographic

Pollution in Tower Hamlets comes from a variety of sources, including from outside the borough.

Nitrogen Dioxide and particulate matter are the two main pollutants originating in Tower Hamlets.

The main sources of Nitrogen Dioxide are transport and domestic emissions from boilers. Traffic emissions and particles from traffic sources such as brake and tyre wear are the main sources of particulate matter pollution.