Bulky waste

There are several ways to dispose of your large items safely.


If you have unwanted furniture in good condition please contact Homestore (part of the Quaker Social Action group.) They are based in east London and will collect it free of charge. They will sell the furniture at a low cost to those in need.

To check if your item can be reused, please call them directly on 020 8519 6264, visit the Homestore website or email them: info@qsa.org.uk.


If you have suitable transport, you can take unwanted items to the borough's Reuse and Recycling Centre on Yabsley Street, E14 9RG.

Opening times:

Monday to Friday: 8am to 8pm. (On 24th and 31st December the centre closes at 3.30 pm)

Saturday and Sunday: 9am to 6pm

Bank holidays: 9am to 4.30pm

Where possible, we will sort your bulky waste for reuse or recycling. Please note, proof of identity and address must be shown to use the centre.

Sell or take back items

Items can also be sold/given away through websites such as Freecycle, eBay, Gumtree and Sphock.

Many stores offer a 'take back scheme'. So, if you are purchasing a new washing machine the company can take back your old one, often free of charge. Smaller items, such as toasters, can also be taken back to a store when a new one is purchased.

Please always check with stores first.

Bulky items that cannot be donated, recycled or sold

If your furniture or bulky items cannot be reused we offer a collection service. The items we collect will be sorted and recycled where possible and where not, sent to landfill.

How to arrange a bulk waste collection

All residents can arrange for bulky or large waste to be collected by calling the Streetline Team on 020 7364 5000.

The service can only be used for household waste from your own household. You must be living in the property at the time of booking and collection. Up to five items can be taken away per collection.

If you want to cancel or make changes to the request, you must give the council 24 hours' notice. If not, it will count towards your entitled two collections per year.

What items do you collect?

You can see a full list of what we can and cannot take 

Does the bulk waste need to be prepared for collection?

Yes please. There are instructions on how to prepare your bulk waste collection.

How many bulk waste collections are allowed per year?

Each household is now entitled to two free collections per year.

Can you arrange more collections?

For three or more collections, you will need to arrange it with a licensable waste carrier at your own cost. We do not endorse or recommend any service provider. You are responsible for making sure that the waste carrier you use is registered with the Environment Agency. The carrier should be able to give you supporting documents upon request.

Do you do house clearances?

No, a house clearance cannot be arranged through the council. Please contact your local housing office/housing association or managing agents first.

Before you request a pick up, find out what we can take and 

Have we missed you?

Your vital communication with the council allows us to maintain and manage our services and our contractor’s performance effectively.

Step 1

Have you reported the missed service on 020 7364 5004, to our contact centre? Your request will be passed on to the contractor.

Step 2

If your requested service has been missed again, please redial 020 7364 5004 to report again. Your call will be logged with a stage 1 priority.

Step 3

If we still continue to miss your required services, please call again on 020 7364 5004. Your call will be allocated a stage 2 priority. This is the highest service level escalation within our procedures where it will be allocated to the contractor as well as trigger of a back office investigation. The investigation ensures penalties are applied where services have failed.

If you have exhausted the above, you can make a complaint.