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Landlord Licensing Scheme

Does my property need a licence?

All privately rented properties in the areas of Whitechapel, Weavers, Spitalfields and Bangla town must be licensed. View our map to check if your property falls within the above areas – all you need is your postcode. Please note that the green area within the map is the selective licence area. If your property appears outside the green area it will not require a selective licence.

The cost of the licence is £520 for five years. View our fees or find out if your property is exempted.

Before starting an online application, please note that the application form is not fully supported by mobile devices or tablets. The browsers we recommend you use are either lE11 and above or Firefox

Apply for a Selective or mandatory Landlord Licence or temporary exemption



For how we use your data, read the Environmental Health and trading standards privacy notice.

Saving your application

If you need to, you can save your pending applications part way through. This may be necessary so certificates etc. can be obtained. 

Please note pending applications are only kept on the system for 90 days from the initial submission date, after this time the software automatically deletes the information.

Guidance on completing your application

Here is some guidance for completing your application, including an indication of other forms or evidence you may need.

If you are a management agent taking on a property in the selective landlord licence area. Consider getting all the information you need from your client before you apply for the licence. Find out what you can do.

The Amenity Standards

The amenity standards will also apply to the existing Mandatory licensed Houses in Multi-occupied and Selective Licensing Scheme from 1 January 2019 and to the Additional Licensing Scheme from 1 April 2019.

Policy and procedures

How does the license work?

  • All private landlords with residential property in the selected area will need to apply for a licence
  • The cost of a license is £520 for five years.
  • The licence holder and manager will need to meet the ‘fit and proper’ person requirement.
  • The application is assessed by an environmental health officer.
  • An inspection of the property may be carried out.
  • A licence will be issued with mandatory conditions that must be followed.

Once my property is  licensed, what does the council expect from me? 

When your property has been given a licence, you will be expected to have the following in place:

  • an up-to-date gas safety certificate (if the house you privately rent out has a gas supply)
  • electrical appliances and furniture that are in a safe condition
  • a tenancy agreement
  • references from the tenants
  • a procedure in place to deal with any anti-social behaviour.

Public register

The Housing Act 2004 requires the council to hold a public register of licensed properties in the borough.

More information

Health and Housing team (Landlord Licensing)
Tel: 020 7364 5008
Email housinglicensing@towerhamlets.gov.uk