Staff benefits

Annual leave

The following tables show the annual leave allowances. This includes an additional three days that must be taken over the Christmas period.

Annual leave
Grade At start Christmas days Total
Grade A-D

24 days



27 days

Grade E

24 days


27 days

Grade F and above

28 days


31 days

Directors, Corporate Directors and Chief Officers

28 days


31 days


Annual leave (after 5 years including Christmas days)
Grade Total

Grade A-D

31 days

Grade E

31 days

Grade F and above

35 days

Directors, Corporate Directors and Chief Officers

35 days


New entrants are entitled to annual leave in proportion to completed actual days worked during the leave year of entry.

Employees who are contracted to work less than 35 hours per week will receive annual leave based on the above entitlements which will be pro-rata to the number of hours worked.

The three days which are allocated to the Christmas holiday period are determined by the council each year.

Buying annual leave

Staff can buy up to five days of additional leave each leave year and pay for this through their salary.

Purchasing annual leave, the ability to work flexibly and special leave entitlements are all part of the council’s strategy to create better work-life balance for all staff.

The additional annual leave will be paid through a deduction from salary with a choice as to how the deduction is made.

This will be by either

  • reducing the annual salary and therefore the reduction will be made over the 12 month period (or the remaining leave year if shorter)
  • through one lump sum.


You will automatically become a member of the council's pension scheme unless you choose to opt out in writing.

The scheme is contracted out of the State Second Pension (S2P) and national insurance contributions are accordingly payable at the reduced, contracted out rate. A contracting out certificate is in force.

If you opt not to join the pension scheme you will remain a member of S2P.

Here are the pay bands and contribution rates that apply from April 2018.


Contribution table 2018/19
If your actual pensionable pay is:You pay a contribution of



£14,101 to £22,000


£22,001 to £35,700


£35,701 to £45,200


£45,201 to £63,100


£63,101 to £89,400


£89,401 to £105,200


£105,201 to £157,800


£157,801 or more



The contribution rates and / or pay bands will be reviewed periodically and may change in the future. This is to maintain the average contribution from employees at 6.5 per cent and to ensure the long term costs of the scheme are managed.

If you decide to join the scheme you should check your payslip to make sure that pension contributions are being deducted. Your contributions are very secure. As the LGPS is set up by Statute, payment of benefits to scheme members is guaranteed by law.

Flexible working

Through its range of family-friendly policies, the council seeks to ensure that employees achieve improved work life balance. These include:

  • reduced hours
  • term time working
  • home working
  • job sharing
  • part-time working
  • career break scheme
  • extended leave scheme.

The policies apply to all posts unless an assessment shows that there would be implications for service delivery.


The council may provide assistance with relocation for posts designated as hard to fill. The scheme is at the discretion of the council and is subject to certain criteria.

Staff loan scheme for annual season ticket

The council gives interest-free season ticket loans to staff who have successfully completed their probationary period. Further information is available on request.

Travel schemes/allowances

The following schemes/allowances are in place. Further information is available on request:

  • cycle to work scheme
  • pool bike scheme
  • travel/car allowances (dependent on specified criteria being met)

Learning and development

The council has achieved Investors in People. It aims to continuously improve on these standards.

Many learning and development opportunities are available for employees through individual appraisal through the performance, development and review scheme and supervision.

Employee assistance programme

The council offers an employee assistance programme that provides confidential counselling support services for both personal and work-related issues to staff.

Staff forums

To continue to improve the working relations climate and to contribute to improving the council's service the following have been established since 2005

  • disabled staff forum
  • black and other ethnic minority forum
  • lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender forum.