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Local Plan 2031: Examination

Independent examination - main modifications (March-May 2019)

The Tower Hamlets Local Plan is undergoing an independent public examination, following its submission to the government in February 2018. 

The examination hearings ran from 6-21 September to 11-12 October 2018 at the Town Hall, Mulberry Place, Clove Crescent, London, E14 2BG.  Find out more about the examination process

The inspector (Mrs Christa Masters) is now proposing a number of changes to the plan (known as “main modifications”) in the light of the hearings and is inviting comments on them. 

Main modifications are changes which the inspector deems necessary to make the plan sound.  

This consultation is open to everyone and is not restricted to those people or organisations that made representations during previous stages of the plan. The consultation runs from 25 March until 5pm on 9 May 2019

Please note: the consultation has been extended two extra days to take account of the Easter bank holidays on Friday 19 April 2019 and Monday 22 April 2019.

We want to hear from you about whether you think the proposed main modifications are sound and legally complaint.  

However, it is important to note that the consultation relates only to the main modifications and other parts of the plan will not be considered. Please do not repeat or re-submit your previous comments on the plan as these have already been considered as part of the examination process.

Consultation documents

The following documents form part of this consultation:

Hard copies of the above documents can be viewed at the Town Hall (reception), Mulberry Place, Clove Crescent, London, E14 2BG and at libraries and idea stores within the borough during normal office hours.

Comments are also invited on the addendum to the Integrated Impact Assessment (which investigates the potential impacts of the main modifications against a range of economic, social and environmental objectives). 

How to respond

If you wish to make comments on the main modifications, please use one of the following methods:

Your response should relate to the content of the main modifications (soundness) and how they have been prepared (legal compliance). Please quote the relevant main modification reference, policy or paragraph to which your response relates. You can download further guidance on how to make comments.

Your comments and name will be published and made available to the planning inspector following the consultation. However, personal information, such as addresses, phone numbers and emails, will be kept confidential. 

Unfortunately, late comments cannot be accepted.  

For information only

Whilst not forming part of this consultation, we are proposing a number of additional modifications (e.g. typographical errors, clarifications and factual updates) to improve the clarity of the  Local Plan.

None of these changes, however, will materially affect the policies of the Local Plan.  

For ease of reference, you can view a tracked change version illustrating how the proposed modifications to the Local Plan have been incorporated into the Local Plan.

The revised Policies Map (reflecting the proposed changes as set out in the schedules) are also available to view in interactive or PDF format.   This illustrates the emerging policies and proposals set out in the Local Plan.

Other relevant documents relating to the examination of the Local Plan can be found from our examination library webpage.

If you have any queries regarding the examination process, please contact the programme officer in the first instance.

Charlotte Glancy

C/O Banks Solutions
80 Lavinia Way
East Preston
West Sussex
BN16 1DD
Tel: 01903 776601
M: +447519 628064

Next steps

Once the consultation has finished, the inspector will present her findings and recommendations on the examination in a final report.

If the inspector finds the Local Plan sound and legally compliant, we will proceed to formal adoption. 

For more information on the Local Plan and other relevant planning documents, please contact us via localplan@towerhamlets.gov.uk or 020 7364 5000.