Supplementary guidance

Adopted guidance

High Density Living SPD

The High Density Living Supplementary Planning Document was adopted in December 2020.

The SPD supports the Local Plan, in particular:

  • Policy S.DH1 - Delivering high quality design
  • Policy D.DH7 - Density.

The SPD  pledges to improve the quality and fairness of housing and make development work better for Tower Hamlets residents.

View the High Density Living SPD

Planning obligations SPD

The Planning Obligations SPD was adopted on 24 March 2021.

The SPD explains the council's approach to planning obligations and aims to clarify the types of planning obligations that may be sought and the method for calculating the amount of these obligations.

Development Viability SPD

Isle of Dogs Opportunity Area Framework

The Mayor of London, and Transport for London have worked together to prepare the Opportunity Area Planning Framework (OAPF) for the Isle of Dogs & South Poplar in consultation with Tower Hamlets Council.

Emerging guidance

Central Area Good Growth SPD

This SPD provides design guidelines which will support the development of high-quality, small-scale housing developments in the central part of the borough.

Queen Mary University SPD

This masterplan for the Queen Mary University campus in Mile End will be adopted by the council as a supplementary planning document (SPD).

This will outline the development of the campus and ensure that proposals are in line with the interests of the local community and stakeholders.

It will also take into consideration the area surrounding the campus, including the Mile End Hospital, the Regent's Canal and Mile End Park.

Reuse Recycle Waste SPD

This SPD sets out guidance for developers on how waste management should be addressed in proposals for new residential and mixed-use development.

The SPD covers the entire borough and aims to re-examine the way in which waste is produced and managed.

Leaside Area Action Plan

This project will create an Area Action Plan (AAP) that sets out policies for growth and regeneration in the Leaside area from now until 2031.

The policies will cover the south east of Tower Hamlets, including City Island, Teviot Estate and Aberfeldy Estate.

Tall Buildings SPD

This SPD seeks to set out guidance on the design and planning of tall buildings across the entire the borough.

This policy will set parameters for tall building development outside of the designated Tall Building Zone.

South Poplar SPD

This masterplan SPD sets out policy to guide the future development of South Poplar.

The SPD seeks to sustainably manage the growth in the area whilst ensuring such growth benefits exist as well as new communities.

This masterplan will cover approximately 30 hectares of land through South Poplar and Canary Wharf.

Other useful guidance

Shopfront and roller shutter grilles guidance

This provides further guidance on shopfront and shutter grilles applications.

Signs and advertising consent guidance

This provides further guidance on sign and advertising applications.