Supplementary guidance

The council has a series of plans which supplement the Development Plan. These plans provide additional detail to demonstrate how the council’s planning policies will be implemented, or provide further information to assist applicants. 

Adopted guidance

Emerging guidance

Interim planning guidance

Development briefs

The council intends to prepare (independently or in partnership with land owners) development briefs for sites which have been identified in the Managing Development document site allocations. Development briefs will provide further guidance to support and promote regeneration for sites earmarked to provide key infrastructure.

Adopted guidance

South Quay Masterplan (SPD)

The South Quay Masterplan was adopted as a supplementary planning document by Cabinet on 6 October 2015.

Further information regarding the SPD can be viewed on the South Quay Masterplan page. 

Whitechapel Vision masterplan

The Whitechapel Vision masterplan was adopted as a supplementary planning document by Cabinet on 4 December, 2013.

Further information on the consultation process can be viewed on the Whitechapel Vision Masterplan SPD webpage.  

Fish Island area action plan

The Fish Island area action plan (FI AAP) was adopted as a development plan document (DPD) by the council on 19 September, 2012. From 1 October, 2012, the FI AAP formed part of the Local Plan for the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC).

Further information on the examination and adoption process can be viewed on the Fish Island APP examination and adoption page. 

Bromley-by-Bow masterplan supplementary planning document

The Bromley-by-Bow masterplan was adopted as a supplementary planning document by the council on 16 May, 2012. From 1 October, 2012, the Bromley-by-Bow masterplan now forms part of the Local Plan for the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC).

Planning obligations supplementary planning document

The planning obligations SPD was adopted on 11 January 2012 and amended on 6 September 2016. The SPD explains the council's approach to planning obligations and aims to clarify the types of planning obligations that may be sought and the methodology for calculating the amount of these obligations.

Emerging guidance

Affordable housing supplementary planning document

Due to changes in government policy and a challenging economic climate, the council has prepared a draft affordable housing supplementary planning document (AHSPD) to ensure that the council can continue to maximising affordable housing delivery and that the new homes built are genuinely affordable for those in housing need.

The draft AHSPD was approved by cabinet on 10 April, 2013 to undertake statutory consultation from 20 May 2013 to 2 July 2013.

Further information on consultation can be viewed on the Consultation and Engagement page.

Interim guidance

The following documents were prepared prior to the adoption of the Local Plan and adopted as interim planning guidance. They are used for the purpose of development management and are used alongside the Local Plan to determine planning applications.

Draft Millennium Quarter public realm guidance manual/street plan (2008)

The Millennium Quarter masterplan (2000) was revoked on 6 October 2015 following adoption of the South Quay masterplan. However, the draft Millennium Quarter Public Realm Guidance Manual (2008) will continue to be used to inform development across the South Quay area.    

Wood Wharf masterplan (2003)

Whitechapel masterplan (2007)

Aldgate masterplan (2007)

Bishopsgate goods yard (2009)

Other guidance

Environmental impact assessment guidance

Inclusive design guidance

Flood risk management