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Alcohol, entertainment and late night refreshment, Licensing Act 2003

Alcohol, entertainment and late night refreshment licences and how to obtain them.

Allotments in Tower Hamlets

Find out about the allotments plots we have in the borough.

An evening with Cate Tuitt

Cate Tuitt started out as an activist in the 1980s, campaigning to investigate racial discrimination and deaths in police custody and went on to become the first black female councillor in Tower Hamlets.

An introduction from the Mayor

Mayor of Tower Hamlets, John Biggs provides his comments

Animal Activity Licences

Details on new legislation to replace the current rules on animal activity

Animal warden service

The animal wardens deal with complaints and provide information about animal control.

Animal welfare

We are responsible for licensing all animal establishments in the borough, as well as animal importation, pest control, the collection of stray dogs and advising pet owners on animal health and welfare.

Annual Canvass 2019

Find out about the annual canvass 2019.

Annual Parent Conference

This year's Parent Conference took place at South Quay, Docklands. 170 parents participated in workshops to better understand bullying, cyber bullying, and digital parenting.

Annual parking report

The Tower Hamlets Annual Parking Report covers our parking enforcement activity for the year as well as other work undertaken by our Parking Services.
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