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Tower Hamlets Multi-Faith Burial Ground

We know that losing a loved one can be a difficult time. We also understand that arranging a funeral can become complex and costly. To help with the preparations and financial costs of the burial, we have introduced Tower Hamlets Multi-Faith Burial Ground exclusively for our residents, at Kemnal Park Cemetery & Memorial Gardens.

There is a multi-faith burial section within the grounds as well as a separate section for Muslim residents inside Eternal Gardens, which is a dedicated Muslim cemetery within the park.

Plots at Tower Hamlets Multi-Faith Burial Ground are available for £730 to residents, making it £1,400 cheaper than the average cost of a similar burial plot.

Each plot has a lease length of 125 years and the plots within the Muslim section are maintained closely to Sunnah methods with a simple hump and a uniform plaque.

The experienced and friendly team at Kemnal Park is trained to serve families from different cultures, customs and practices. They work closely with families to ensure that they are respected, listened to and cared for.

Similarly, the team at Eternal Gardens is trained to perform timely Islamic burials compliant with established Sunnah practices.

Muslim families wishing to have the Janazah salah performed at the burial ground can appoint their own member of choice to lead or can opt for trained individuals on site, in most cases an Alim. There are also prayer and ablution facilities on site.

Tower Hamlets Multi-Faith Burial Ground is easily accessible from the borough and is within a 20 minute drive.

Tower Hamlets Multi-Faith Burial Ground
Kemnal Park Cemetery & Memorial Gardens
A20 Sidcup Bypass
Map location

To be eligible for the rate of £730 you'll need to provide ID documentation in the deceased person's name.

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For more details visit the eligibility page or contact the Registrars on register.office@towerhamlets.gov.uk.