Repatriation of bodies to England or Wales

If a death occurs abroad it should be registered in accordance with the regulations of that country. To bring a body back to England or Wales, you will need either the death certificate or an official authorisation to move the body from the country of death.

Arranging a funeral in England or Wales

You will need:

  • An authenticated translation of a death certificate showing the cause of death.
  • A certificate of no liability to register from the registrar in England and Wales. This certificate must be obtained from the registrar in whose area the deceased is to be buried.


To arrange a cremation in England or Wales either an official authorisation to release the body, form E is required from the coroner or a cremation order from the Home Office. The Home Office will require the following documentation to issue a cremation order:

  • an application for cremation
  • all original documents from the country where the death occurred
  • translations of the documents where necessary - for more information, please refer to the page on cremations.

If the death was not from natural causes, it will be referred to the coroner who will open an inquest to investigate the cause and circumstances of death.

For Form E, please contact the Register Office. 

For Form A, please contact the Coroner’s Office.

Further information

See the General Register Office website

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