Clear up project

The council is taking significant steps to improve its processes since the introduction of government-appointed commissioners a year and a half ago.

The commissioners were introduced by the then Secretary of State to oversee key areas of the council’s work including grants, procurement and publicity.

The council has now completed more than 95 per cent of the actions that were agreed with commissioners shortly after they arrived.

Now it is setting up an independent ‘Clear Up’ team to deal with any remaining allegations of impropriety or serious concerns residents or staff might have.

The team will investigate outstanding allegations of which may have taken place between October 2010 and June 2016.

All allegations raised between 8 September and 8 December 2016 via a confidential email inbox will be considered by the team, if they haven’t already been looked into through other processes, such as the council’s complaints or whistleblowing process.

Reporting an incident

Before you complete the form please ensure:

  • Incident reporting form
  • Name

Other ways to report an incident

  • Email:
  • Write: Clear Up Team, Mulberry Place, Town Hall, 5 Clove Crescent, London, E14 2BG or
  • Contact: the Commissioners, local MPS or councillors directly.

A name and evidence will be requested, but the Clear Up team will seek to protect the anonymity of complainants wherever possible.