Staff and trade unions

In order to provide transparency over its payments to staff, the council publishes a list of all council staff earning a salary of more than £50,00 a year.

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets Statement of Accounts, including archived versions, are already in the public domain and shows the salaries for our chief officer grades.

Budgets and roles of employees earning about £50,000

Senior officer salaries
2020/2021 Word document Excel file
2019/2020 Word document  
2018/2019 Word document Excel file


Council structure chart
March 2020 Word document
August 2018 PDF File


Number of employees earning above £50,000
2020/2021   Excel file CSV file
2019/20 PDF file Excel file CSV file
2017 PDF file Excel file CSV file


Budgets and roles of employees earning above £50,000
April 15-March 16   PDF file  Excel file  CSV file


Political advisors

The council currently has two political advisors appointed to groups on the council as follows:

  • 1 FTE – Labour Group
  • 0.2FTE – Conservative Group