How money is spent

The council protects the way it spends public money in a number ways. The two main ways are:

  • All major expenditure is subject to properly tendered and managed contracts which have been awarded to the suppliers that offer best value for money to the council.
  • All expenditure is authorised by a senior member of staff. 

The main areas of spending

We think it is helpful for people using this data to be aware of the main areas in which we spend money.

Our largest services in terms of spending are:  

Service areaAnnual spend



Benefits £186,457,000

Social services commissioning


Social housing  


Waste & cleansing services 


(*) Benefits payments are not included in this disclosure because they involve payments to individuals, which we may not disclose for reasons of privacy.

Tower Hamlets Homes

Tower Hamlets HomesThe council owns a separate Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO), Tower Hamlets Homes (THH), to undertake its housing management. THH is responsible for publishing its own expenditure data. The council’s payments include our payments to THH.

All kinds of expenditure is necessary to enable us to provide the full range of services to people in Tower Hamlets, and we take our responsibility for value for money seriously.

What do I do if you have any questions?

Please read our frequently asked questions to see if they answer your enquiry.

If you have a more detailed enquiry, check our Freedom of Information Act disclosure log to see if we have already answered your question.