Housing consultations

In response, the council has committed to delivering 2,000 new council homes by 2022. These genuinely affordable homes will include properties big enough for families. One in ten will be wheelchair accessible.

We want to give our residents the opportunity to have their say on any developments happening in their area. You know your communities best and it's important that you are able to shape the way they change for the future. 

As we progress with future developments, we will be uploading information and key documents to this section of our website. 

If you want to get back here again, just go to www.towerhamlets.gov.uk/HousingConsultations

We're also looking for suggestions to help us identify potential sites for our next round of new council homes. We've introduced a special tool to allow you to nominate a site, take a picture of it or just give us a description and an idea of why you think it could work. Visit our Build Here consultation for more details..


Lister House and Treves House

Clichy Estate

Hereford Estate

Gill Street

Brunton Wharf

Montefiore Centre

Tent Street

Southern Grove

Heylyn Square


Past consultations

Jubilee Street

Baroness Road

Locksley Estate (Site D)

Hanbury Street

Shetland Road

Lowder House

Keats House