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Lister House and Treves House

Update - 15 August 2019 

At a meeting on Tuesday 13 August, Mayor John Biggs confirmed that Lister House and Treves House will not be demolished. A programme of refurbishment work will be carried out and we will be updating this page with the details of that work in the coming days.

No decisions taken on their future until full consultation has taken place

  • Working group established to discuss the future of Lister and Treves buildings with resident
  • Pledge to full transparency around recent works to the blocks to look at costs and development options.

Mayor John Biggs has committed to a full and transparent discussion with residents on the future of the two council owned blocks; Treves House and Lister House to facilitate a full consultation on their future.

The proposals to demolish the blocks had been due to be discussed at the council's cabinet, but were withdrawn by the Mayor on 26 July to organise the full consultation with residents on the issue.

The Mayor confirmed that the council will be transparent in its discussions with residents and will make available records of works undertaken to both Lister and Treves House over the last few years.

The Mayor has written to all residents with the commitment that they will be consulted before any future proposals are brought forward and that a working group will be established to explore refurbishment costs and redevelopment options in detail.

The blocks have mixed tenancy types with 31 per cent of the blocks social tenanted and 69 per cent in private ownership as a result of right to buy. This includes 24 per cent with investor ownership (private landlords).

You can view the letter Mayor John Biggs wrote to residents.

Frequently Asked Questions - Lister & Treves House

Please view the Lister & Treves FAQ which answers some of the initial questions. 

Further questions and responses will be covered once the working group has been established and residents will be kept up to date. 


Chronology of documents for Lister & Treves House


Document   Name

Document Description


Breyer Group Lister House Major Works Estimate  2014  

Details of Breyer  Group’s original estimate for the works to Lister House in 2014.


Lister and Treves THH Project Update Report 2014 

Internal report about external major works and the challenges the scheme had faced between 2011-2014.


Lister House Draft Petition Response July 2015

Technical difficulties leading to delay in Decent Homes works. July 2015





Lister and Treves Houses Options Appraisal_Part1 Dec2015

Outline options appraisal for the buildings by John Rowan Partners (JRP), commissioned   by THH on behalf of the Council in response to the very high cost of required repairs that had become apparent.

December 2015


Lister and Treves Houses Options Appraisal_Part2 Dec2015


Lister and Treves Houses Options Appraisal_Part3 Dec2015


Lister and Treves Houses Options Appraisal_Part4 Dec2015


Lister and Treves Houses Options Appraisal_Part5 Dec2015



JRP Lister & Treves Condition Survey & Estimated   Cost Report June 2016

JRP were commissioned to carry out a Condition survey and estimated cost report. Officers wanted to ensure the estimated costs for refurbishment were as accurate as possible before making any recommendations on future options for the buildings. June 2016





L&T Condition & PPM Report_ Pt1_ May16-APPENDX1

APPENDIX 1 of the June 2016 report above, detailed Stock Condition and Planned Preventative Maintenance Report compiled by JRP. Supporting  documents included specific technical surveys carried out for THH between July 2014 and May 2016.


L&T Condition & PPM Report_ Pt2_ May16-APPENDX1


L&T Condition & PPM   Report_ Pt3_ May16-APPENDX1


L&T Condition & PPM   Report_ Pt4_ May16-APPENDX1


L&T Condition & PPM   Report_ Pt5_ May16-APPENDX1


L&T Condition & PPM   Report_ Pt6_ May16-APPENDX1






JRP  Valuation Estimate APPENDIX 2 - May2016

Valuation estimate of leaseholder buy back costs and the financial value of the site. This valuation of the leasehold properties does not reflect the current value the council would   attribute to the properties. May 2016


JRP   Indicative Cost Estimate APPENDIX 3 - June2016

Preliminary indicative cost estimate for full refurbishment and emergency/health and   safety works options. June 2016





JRP L&T Condition & Viability (Overview) - June 2016

An overview/summary of the building’s condition and indicative cost estimates. June 2016





L&T Option Appraisal (Redloft) Addendum - July 2017

A detailed development appraisal was requested from Redloft, a development   consultancy, to provide an appraisal of 3 different potential redevelopment scenarios. 

NB. The values attributed to individual leaseholder properties are desktop estimates  only and are not what the council would necessarily value the properties.