Lithium battery fires

Lithium batteries have caused fires in the rubbish lorries. Please do not put batteries in your waste or recycling bin. All batteries (including lithium batteries from e-bikes and e-scooters and other re-chargeable devices) can be taken to the Reuse and Recycling Centre at Northumberland Wharf.

Waste cooking oil collections

If your business creates waste cooking oil you must ensure that it is stored properly in sealed containers, that none is allowed to spill and that it is collected by a licensed waste carrier who will take it to an authorised site for recovery or disposal.

Below are the key points from Guidance issued jointly by the Food Standards Agency, Cabinet Office, Environment Agency, Defra, HM Revenue & Customs and LACORS.

  • Waste cooking oil must not be poured down drains or sewers because this leads to blockages and odour or vermin problems and may also pollute watercourses leading to problems for wildlife. Such action could result in prosecution. 
  • Waste cooking oil should not be disposed of with the rest of the catering or kitchen waste because it may cause spillages leading to odour or pollution problems or waste contractors may refuse to remove it. Liquid wastes are now banned from landfill.
  • Waste cooking oil from catering premises can no longer be used as an ingredient in animal feed.  This change was introduced in 2004 under the Animal By-Products Regulation EC 1774/2002.
  • Anyone using waste cooking oil from catering premises as an animal-feed, as an ingredient in animal-feed, or who consigns their waste cooking oil to such animal feed operations commits an offence.
    For more information visit the Food Standards Agency website

Companies collecting used cooking oil within Tower Hamlets

We have provided below a list of companies that collect used cooking oil from businesses in Tower Hamlets and will provide you with the necessary Duty of Care Waste Transfer Notes. They will also normally provide suitable containers for storing waste oil.
Please note that there may be other companies offering a collection service within Tower Hamlets and that inclusion on the list does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Businesses should satisfy themselves as to the legality of their waste disposal arrangements.

Proper Oils

Unigate House,
Depot Road, Wood Lane,
W12 7RP
Tel: 0208 894 9476

Fat Management

31 Edmund Road
Rainham, Essex
RM13 8LX
Tel/Fax: 0137 589 3555
Mobile: 0788 997 9999

Fryclean UCO

Little Warley Hall Lane
Brentwood, Essex
CM13 3EX
Tel: 0127 726 0260

Grays Waste Services Ltd

124-126 Nathon Way,
Thamesmead, London
Tel: 020 8317 0172 
Fax: 020 8301 8230

Hep Oils

Weybeards Farm, Hill End Road
Harefield, Middlesex
Tel: 01895 824 252
Fax: 0189 582 4487
Mobile: 0778 782 8357


Kent Raw Materials

Unit 1
Belvedere Link Business Park
Viking Way, Church Manor Way
Erith, Kent
Tel: 0132 243 5898

Living Fuels

Freedom Farm,
Cowles Drove,
Hockwold cum Wilton,
Nr Thetford, Norfolk,
IP26 4JQ
Tel: 0184 282 8395

Pure Fuels Ltd

Unit A8, Hastingwood Trading Estate
Harbet Road
N18 3HT
Tel: 0208 803 8716
Mobile: 0789 439 0605