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Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) Damp and Mould Survey 2022


The Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) asked all larger registered providers of social housing (including councils and private housing associations) to complete and submit a survey about damp and mould.

This was following the sad death of 2 year old Awaab Ishak in Rochdale and the Coroners November 2022 report on the findings into the tragedy.

Survey response

The survey responses provided evidence into:

  • the extent of damp and mould in tenants’ homes owned by each social housing registered provider and
  • information on how damp and mould is tackled.

The council, together with Tower Hamlets Homes (THH), submitted our survey response to the Regulator of Social Housing in December 2022. The Regulator confirmed receipt with no follow-up questions.

Survey Outcome

The Regulator of Social Housing published their findings from the survey responses on 28 June 2023, which:

  • concluded most registered providers take damp and mould cases seriously, with a minority lacking in providing evidence to the Regulator,
  • called attention to the importance for registered providers to maintain tenants’ homes in a safe and good condition,
  • outlined a series of recommendations for register providers to incorporate in their approach whilst dealing with damp and mould cases and,
  • outlined how the Register of Social Housing will start scrutinising the registered providers’ performance related to damp and mould.