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Asked to leave by friends and family

Being asked to leave by friends and family is one of the biggest causes of homelessness in England and a much better outcome can be achieved if a move is made in a planned way. We recognise that living in a multi-generational home or staying temporarily with friends can be extremely difficult but it is always better to plan a move. The only exception to this is if the arrangement is unsafe due to a risk of violence. 

If you are being asked to leave your current accommodation, seek early assistance. You can be helped by trained staff with  mediation and negotiation skills who  will work with you and the excluder by providing practical ideas to help you all try and work out a solution, so you don’t have to leave home immediately. Generally, for people leaving home, it is a major decision and requires careful thought and planning. Alternatives if you do need to leave home are likely be accommodation renting privately. 

Use our Housing Options Finder tool to see the options available to you - the sooner you know about your options, the sooner you can take the right action for you.