Free advice and training for social housing tenants

Access information on a range of issues including repairs and maintenance for your home and communal areas, anti-social behaviour and how to tackle your landlord with free training on your rights.

Find out more on the Four Million Homes website.

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Being evicted

This advice is for renters who are threatened with, or homeless due to eviction.

What type of tenancy do I have? 

Most people renting privately have an assured shorthold tenancy; if you are unsure what type of tenancy you have, then this tool on the Shelter website (external) is very useful to help you find out.  

What are my rights if I have been served with an eviction notice?

Eviction of assured shorthold tenants 

Eviction of assured tenants 

Eviction of regulated tenants 

Eviction of lodgers 

Eviction of council and housing association tenants 

Council and housing association tenants: eviction for rent arrears 

Council and housing association tenants: eviction for antisocial behaviour 

There is more information if you are experiencing landlord harassment or illegal eviction.

If you need support around benefits, housing, domestic violence, substance misuse, physical and mental health  you may be able to get help from Tower Hamlets Community Intervention Service.

Use the Housing Options Finder tool if you are at risk of losing your home and want to find out what help there is available from the Council.