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Children's Newly qualified Social Workers/ASYE

Learning Academy Graphic

An update for student and newly qualified social workers

We will be recruiting for newly qualified social workers in May 2023.

All our vacancies are advertised on our jobs portal - please continue checking for updates. You should also be able to sign up for alerts on the job website for upcoming vacancies. We would love you to apply!

There has never been a better time or place to build a social work career than in the Tower Hamlets Supporting Families Division.

The Learning Academy has developed an innovative Three year Steps to Success programme  which offers a wrap around support package for social workers in their first three years of practice.

This has enhanced the experience social workers have during their ASYE, as well as ensuring the right support continues to be in place afterwards to enable you to develop and build your career here in Tower Hamlets.

This is having an excellent impact on our staff retention as well as the overall quality of social work practice.

The Academy is designed to be with you throughout every step of your career, supporting and empowering you through our commitment to five basic principles:

  1. Relationships at the heart of practice
  2. Enabling practice excellence
  3. Investing in new social workers
  4. Creating a culture of innovation
  5. Ensuring quality of practice

Find out what the Learning Academy can do for you in the following sections: