Local Infrastructure Fund


What was the Local Infrastructure Fund (LIF)?

The Local Infrastructure Fund (LIF) was our term for the neighbourhood portion of the Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL) before a new approach to NCIL was approved in June 2023.

The approach for LIF was formally approved by Cabinet on the 6 December 2016 and in the revised report of 27 October 2021.

Three LIF Programmes were approved:

  • LIF Programme 1 – approved in Cabinet, July 2019/October 2021
  • LIF Programme 2 – approved in Cabinet, September 2020
  • LIF Programme 3 – approved in Cabinet, October 2021

In 2022/23 the LIF programme had a review to make sure the delivery of local infrastructure improvements funded through LIF met the council’s strategic priorities, while also meeting our statutory obligations in the administering of LIF.

Find out about the LIF programme review and details of the projects remaining in the LIF programme.