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Local Infrastructure Fund




What is the Local Infrastructure Fund (LIF)?

The Local Infrastructure Fund (LIF) is the London Borough of Tower Hamlets’ term for the neighbourhood portion of the Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL). The focus of LIF is to help deliver local infrastructure and address the demands and pressures that development places on an area.

When there is a new development, developers are required to pay a charge which is called the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and this used to provide a range of infrastructure across the borough. CIL regulations require 15% to 25% of CIL to be set aside as the neighbourhood portion. The council approved 25% of CIL to be used as its neighbourhood portion – known as LIF.

Government guidance on the neighbourhood CIL requires that we engage with the local communities where development has taken place. This tells us how to spend that specific pot of money and ensure it matches the priorities expressed by our local communities.

Important update

The Local Infrastructure Fund (LIF) Programme is being reviewed. As such, the annual LIF consultation will not be taking place this year (autumn/winter 2022). We will update our webpage when we have any new information. If you would like to be added to our LIF database, please complete the form.

The latest consultation feedback - 2021 LIF consultation

The last consultation took place between 8 November until 12 December 2021 to provide feedback on what local people told us during the consultation. A consultation statement is now available with a supporting appendix.

The statement provides a brief overview of the local infrastructure project themes local people suggested during the consultation for further consideration by the council. The accompanying appendix lists all the verbatim responses which represents the 680+ projects nominations.

For further information about LIF, what projects were previously allocated LIF money and future consultation updates please visit our dedicated consultation platform Lets Talk Tower Hamlets.