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Infrastructure delivery

Successful delivery of infrastructure that meets the needs of local residents, workers and visitors of the borough as well as addressing the impacts of future growth and development is dependent on a planned and coordinated view of priority across the borough and existing sources of funding that can deliver projects.

Further details on how the council intends to plan for, fund and deliver necessary infrastructure can be found below.

Planning for infrastructure

Infrastructure Delivery Framework

The Infrastructure Delivery Framework (IDF) is a decision-making governance structure for infrastructure delivery, ensuring it is standardised, transparent and evidence based.

More specifically, the IDF will:

  • Identify the infrastructure required to support growth and the delivery of the Local Plan and Community Plan
  • Provide a robust, transparent process for the allocation and expenditure of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), Section 106 (S106) and other sources of funding for infrastructure, to ensure funding is effectively used to meet the borough’s strategic priorities
  • Provide an up to date evidence base to assist in decision-making in respect of funding allocation to infrastructure projects.

Planning Contributions Overview Panel (PCOP)

PCOP was an internal cross directorate officer-led panel that had authority, under delegated powers, to monitor the implementation and expenditure of S106 agreements and monies. It also ensured that project delivery was in accordance with the terms of the relevant agreement. PCOP has since been replaced by the Infrastructure Delivery Steering Group.

View PCOP decisions from January 2013.

Summary of received financial contributions

View summary of the financial contributions that have been received and spent by the council.

Funding infrastructure

CIL and Section 106 are used by the council as primary sources to fund infrastructure across the borough.


As the borough’s local CIL was adopted in April 2015 and payment of CIL is due on commencement of development, it is not envisioned that significant CIL receipts will be received within the first year of adoption. During this time, the council is working on devising a decision-making process for the spending of CIL receipts.

Local Infrastructure Fund

The council consulted on the Local Infrastructure Fund (LIF) to give local people a say in defining the infrastructure priorities for their areas.

The consultation period ran from 27 June 2017 to 8 August 2017.

For more information see the LIF consultation page.