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Local Infrastructure Fund


Tower Hamlets has grown rapidly in recent years, and a number of new housing and employment developments have been built across the borough. Additional growth is expected in the future and the council recognises that this can put pressure on local services and infrastructure - that is, on areas like transport, schools, healthcare facilities and parks/open spaces.


To deal with the impacts, developers are required to pay a financial contribution called the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). Local Authorities are required to allocate a portion of the CIL as Neighbourhood Portion to be spent on infrastructure priorities that should be agreed with local communities in areas where development is taking place.  In 2016, the Mayor of Tower Hamlets agreed to allocate 25% of CIL income as the Neighbourhood Portion. Legislation on the CIL Neighbourhood Portion requires that this money is spent in consultation with the local communities, where development has taken place. The Neighbourhood Portion is renamed Local Infrastructure Fund (LIF) in Tower Hamlets and LIF areas were established to facilitate engagement with local communities.

The four LIF consultation areas are shown in the map.

The council must then use LIF to support the development of the local area, by addressing the demands that development places on the area, and by making sure the right infrastructure is in place for residents.

The council consulted on the Local Infrastructure Fund (LIF) for six weeks from 27 June 2017 to 8 August 2017 to give local people a say in defining the infrastructure priorities for their areas.

For more information see the LIF consultation page.

A summary of the Consultation feedback and the next steps the Council will take in delivering projects using LIF is available to view below:

LIF Consultation Statement