Make a building regulations application

You should apply for building regulations approval before you start work.

There are different types of building regulations application you can make. You will need to decide on the type of application for your planned build, extension or alteration work:

You don’t need to get approval yourself if you use someone registered with a competent person scheme.

Depending on your proposed project, you may also need planning permission.

Full plans application

You can make a full plans application for any type of building work. Large building works usually require this, and it must always be submitted for works on commercial buildings, schools, shops, offices, railway premises, factories and hotels.

You need to include detailed plans of the work you're doing with this application.

A full plans application gives you the protection of being able to show that your plans were approved as complying with building regulations.

If we're satisfied your application meets building regulation standards, we'll send you an 'approval notice'.

How to make a full plans application

Building notice

You can submit a building notice for smaller works, like domestic alterations and extensions.

A building notice will allow you to carry out works without first preparing a full set of plans for the project. This can be very useful for minor works.

However you must feel confident that the work will comply with building regulations or you risk having to correct any work (at your own cost) that is subsequently found not to comply.

You do not get a formal approval notice like you do with a full plans application. 

The building notice is valid for three years, but work can begin as soon as two days after you've submitted your application.

As the building notice option is only available for certain types of work, we recommend that you check with us first.

How to submit a building notice

Regularisation application

If you’ve started or finished work without getting building regulations approval, you must apply for a regularisation certificate.

We'll check whether the work complies with the building regulations.

If we’re satisfied that it does comply with the regulations, we’ll give you a regularisation certificate.

You might have to correct the work or pay a fine if building regulations are not met.

Carrying out work without consent could also affect any future sale of your property.

How to make a regularisation application