Check if you need planning permission

It’s important to find out if you need planning permission before you start any building work.

If you go ahead without permission, you may have to put things back to how they were. 

You’re likely to need planning permission if you want to:

  • build something new
  • make a major change to your building, like building an extension
  • change the use of your building

You don’t need planning permission for some building works. This is known as 'permitted development'.

It should be noted that flats and maisonettes do not have permitted development rights. Get more information on permitted development.

How to find out if you need planning permission

The Planning Portal provides useful guidance on planning permission. Use the:

Once you know you need planning permission:

We encourage you to get planning pre-application advice from us before you apply.

The following may also apply to you proposal:

Next steps

Building control

If you are making structural changes to an existing property or you are building a new property, you may need to apply for building regulations approval. It is advisable to get building control advice.

Check if you need building regulations approval