What to submit with your planning application

Validation requirements

Changes to Planning Portal application forms from 16 November 2020

The Greater London Authority (GLA) is leading a project which involves changes to the Planning Portal's existing online application forms for submission to London boroughs. This includes the addition of new questions and changes to a number of existing questions. This will help planning authorities in London and the wider public to access information and data about planning proposals in a more effective way.

There are a number of changes to how anyone submitting a planning application will interact with the  planning system including a new number of questions on the 1APP planning application form. 

For further information regarding these changes please visit the GLA's website

Each planning application requires a set of supporting documents. When we receive your application, it will go through a validation process to check that all the required information has been provided.

To prevent delays in processing your application please ensure you include all the necessary information.

Invalid applications

If any information’s missing, your application will be ‘invalid’. This will delay the application process, meaning that it will take longer for you to receive a decision.

If your application is found to be invalid, we will write to you or your agent to explain why and list the further information required before we can assess it.

Validation checklists

Our validation checklists set out the required information for each type of planning application. These are made up of national and local information requirements, and vary for each application.

To find out what you need to include, please check the validation checklist relevant to your application type: 

More guidance on the national information requirements can be found on GOV.UK

Next steps

The following may also apply to your proposal: