Fire Statement

Local Planning application requirements


The statement is an independent fire strategy produced by a third part suitably qualified assessor in accordance with draft London Plan (December 2017) policy D11.

The statement should detail how the development proposal will function in terms of:

  1. the building’s construction: methods, products and materials used, including manufacturers details
  2. the means of escape for all building users: suitably designed stair cores, escape for building users who are disabled or require level access, and associated evacuation strategy approach.

    2a) features which reduce the risk to life: fire alarm systems, passive and active fire safety measures and associated management and maintenance plans
  3. access for fire service personnel and equipment: how this will be achieved in an evacuation situation, water supplies, provision and positioning of equipment, firefighting lifts, stairs and lobbies, any fire suppression and smoke ventilation systems proposed, and the ongoing maintenance and monitoring of these
  4. how provision will be made within the curtilage of the site to enable fire appliances to gain access to the building
    4a) ensuring that any potential future modifications to the building will take into account and not compromise the base build fire safety/protection measures.

When required

Required for all major development.