Foul sewage and utilities assessment

Local Planning application requirements


All new buildings need separate connections to foul and storm water sewers. If an application proposes to connect a development to the existing drainage system then details of the existing system should be shown on the application drawing(s). It should be noted that in most circumstances surface water is not permitted to be connected to the public foul sewers.

An application should indicate how the development connects to existing utility infrastructure systems. Most new development requires connection to existing utility services, including electricity and gas supplies, telecommunications and water supply, and also needs connection to foul and surface water drainage and disposal.

The applicant should demonstrate:

  • that following consultation with the service provider, the availability of utility services has been examined and that the proposals would not result in undue stress on the delivery of those services to the wider community
  • that proposals incorporate any utility company requirements for substations, telecommunications equipment or similar structures
  • that service routes have been planned to avoid as far as possible the potential for damage to trees and archaeological remains
  • where the development impinges on existing infrastructure the provisions for relocating or protecting that infrastructure have been agreed with the service provider.

When required 

Required on all applications where the proposal involves connection to or changes to the existing utility infrastructure systems.