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Supporting evidence for existing uses

Local Planning application requirements


You must provide sufficient factual information for the Local Planning Authority to consider your application. Information to be submitted might include the following list which is not exhaustive:

  • Sworn affidavit(s) from people with personal knowledge of the existing use or works
  • Suppliers who had had dealings with the business in the past
  • Contractors who had had dealings with the business in the past
  • Receipts of invoices for goods and services
  • Vehicle registration documents
  • VAT receipts for commercial businesses or residential premises
  • Previous rates, such as council tax, community charge bills
  • Any dated photos indicating the previous use of the site or buildings
  • Original property sales details relating to the land or buildings
  • Utility bills.

When required

For operational development or change of use to a single dwelling house, including changes to flats, evidence needs to be provided for 4 years. In respect of other changes of use and breaches of conditions, evidence needs to be provided for 10 years. The onus of proof is on the applicant.