Tree survey / Arboricultural Statement

Local Planning application requirements


To find out whether or not your tree is in a conservation area or has a TPO please use our interactive map.

A plan must be provided showing the location of all trees on site and within influencing distance of the proposal. An accompanying report must be submitted in accordance with the recommendations of BS5837: 2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction to include a survey of the trees, an arboricultural implications assessment, a concise list of trees which are desired to be retained/removed any other tree surgery works and a method statement outlining how the trees will be physically protected during the works.

Also a drawing showing new tree planting either as mitigation for proposed tree losses or new landscaping. Applicants are encouraged to discuss proposals with an Arboriculture Officer before submission.

When required

Where an application involves works that affect any trees on or off the site, that are protected by Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or Conservation Area legislation.

Also required where an application would affect other sizeable trees that are not covered by a TPO or in a Conservation Area.

To check whether a tree is covered by a TPO or falls within a conservation area please check our interactive map.