Digital 3D Modelling

Local Planning application requirements

Digital 3D modelling


Photographs and photomontages can provide useful background information and can help to show how developments can be satisfactorily integrated within the street scene.

Computer generated visualisations should illustrate the likely visual impact of the development and show it in its context. The views required and the format/level of detail can be determined through pre-application discussions and would depend on the scale and likely prominence of the proposed development as well the sensitivity of its setting.

The council uses Vu City software. Applicants should submit the massing model of their building – simplified - in the *.fbx format, geolocated by either OS Grid Coordinates (preferred) or Lat/Long. Material details on identified layers, structural info etc. should be omitted.

We also need to know the original software which generated the model (SketchUp, AutoCAD, Rhino, Revit, 3DMax) and units of measures applied (m, cm, mm).

View the instruction video on how to import a model on VU City.


*Currently the Planning Portal does not accept this file format. Please email your model to  with your planning portal reference number (if available or details of the address of the site.

Technical guidance is available for visual representations of development proposals from the Landscape Institute.

When required

Photographs / photomontages are required where the proposal involves demolition or development affecting a conservation area or listed building.

Digital 3D Modelling will be required for major development and applications considered to have a significant impact on the townscape for medium to large scale projects.