Daylight /sunlight assessment

Local Planning application requirements


Sunlight and daylight studies shall assess the impact of a proposed scheme on the sunlight and daylight received by adjoining/neighbouring residential properties and buildings.

The council will expect the impact of the development to be assessed following the methodology set out in the most recent version of Building Research Establishment’s (BRE) “Site layout planning for daylight and sunlight: A guide to good practice”.

The applicant is also required to provide a summary table for sunlight, and for daylight, which includes the following

  • the receptor (i.e. each building)
  • the number of rooms in the receptor tested
  • the number of rooms which meet the BRE criteria
  • the number of rooms which do not meet the BRE criteria, split by minor, moderate and major significance, as per the criteria outline above
  • the number of dwellings affected
  • commentary on minor, moderate and major sunlight and daylight losses.

The council can provide an example summary table on request.

When required

Required on all applications where the proposal is likely to have an adverse effect upon levels of light to adjoining sensitive land uses. Also required for all residential major developments, to demonstrate that adequate daylight and sunlight would be provided to new units.