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How a whistleblowing complaint is dealt with

Step 1

  • You believe there has been a fraud, criminal activity and/or unethical conduct etc.
  • You also believe your concern is serious and well founded.
  • You wish to know what to do and who to contact?

Step 2

There are 3 options to take it forward:

Step 3 - What will happen if I ring the hotline or speak with a senior manager?

  • The hotline officer / senior manager will take your details and information about your concern.
  • They will fill in the Blow the Whistle report form

Step 4 - Receipt by the monitoring officer

  • After the monitoring officer gets the report, they give it a reference number.
  • Receipt confirmation will be sent to you. This will be within 5 working days from the first working day after it was received.

Step 5

  • The concern will be reviewed. A decision will be made about how to proceed with it.

Step 6

  • You will be told in writing if the matter will be investigated as a whistleblowing concern.
  • If so, an investigator will be appointed.
  • You will be told within 15 working days from the first working day the report was received. 
  • If it needs to be dealt with by another council procedure, it will be referred. If so, you will also be told in writing about this.