Fire safety at home

In the event of a fire

In an emergency, you should telephone 999 and ask for the fire service. Calls are free.

The London Fire Brigade handles fires and other emergencies across London. The London Fire Brigade also enforces fire safety laws, gives advice about fire safety and carries out various emergency-planning activities, including helping Tower Hamlets to plan for emergencies.

Prevent fires occurring in your home

Each year the London Fire Brigade attends around 1700 small fires in rubbish in this borough alone. Many of these fires result in damage to buildings and other property like cars. Please help us reduce the risk of these types of fires by taking some simple measures.

  • Keep rubbish away from public areas until the night before collection. Ideally place rubbish out on the morning of collection.
  • Store rubbish in a secure area until collection time. This will make it difficult for intruders to set light to it.
  • Don’t pile rubbish against buildings.
  • If you have a skip fill it up as soon as possible and have it collected promptly.
  • Report any abandoned cars to the council.
  • Don’t leave candles unattended.
  • Shut doors - a door can give you 20 minutes protection in a fire.
  • Put out smoking material properly.
  • Keep matches away from children.
  • Fit a smoke alarm - they save lives. Test your alarm weekly and please do not remove the battery. For information on where to site the smoke alarm contact your local fire station.

If you have a fire get out, get everybody else out and stay out!

Further information

The London Fire Brigade website covers a whole range of topics, including fire safety in the home and at work, fire regulations and certificates and fire safety guidelines. Find out about fire prevention, escaping safely if a fire does break out and how a smoke alarm can help save your life. is a government website featuring safety tips and advice on potential hazards like cooking, smoking, candles, celebrations and electrical safety.

Your local fire safety office

For more information on your local fire safety office, please contact the London Fire Brigade.

Tower Hamlets Fire Safety Team
Tel: 0208 555 1200
Fax: 0207 587 2959