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Stop and Search

Growing up in Tower Hamlets or the City of London, you may have been stopped and searched by the police. Being stopped does not mean you are under arrest or have done anything wrong, but it may be as part of a wider crackdown on crime in a specific area.

What is a stop?

A stop is when a police officer or community support officer stops you in a public place and asks you to account for yourself. They might ask you the following questions:

  • What you are doing?
  • Where have you been?
  • Where are you going?
  • What are you carrying?

What is a stop and search?

A stop and search is when the police stop and search you. They may pat you down to check if you are carrying anything you shouldn’t be (eg knife).

Whether you have been subject to stop and search or not, it is important to know your rights.

The Met police website also contains very clear guidance.

What should you do if you are arrested?

If you are arrested, it is important that you understand your rights. The UK Government website contains this very useful guide on your rights.