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About Early Help


What is Early Help?

Early Help is the term used by agencies in Tower Hamlets to describe how we provide support to children, young people and their families, as soon as problems start to emerge.

The aim is for families to get help as early as possible, so things don't get worse.

With the right support at the right time, things can actually improve. As a family member this might mean that you access Early Help support yourself or that professionals work with you and your family. As a professional it might mean that you help to identify support, provide the help or work with others to support the family.

For more information please see the Early Help leaflet.

Our approach

We are committed to:

  • identify quickly those children and families who would benefit from early support
  • help families develop the capacity to resolve their problems and to build the support networks they need to ensure their children are safe and thriving
  • ensure that all those working with families across the borough have a shared vision and understanding of how Early Help support is provided
  • improve the effectiveness of the support on offer so that, less families need specialist services
  • deliver a high quality Early Help service that makes a positive difference to the lives of families

Who provides the help?

Early Help can be provided by any one of the following organisations (or by a combination).

Where more than one organisation is involved in supporting your family, we will work together to create a single support plan which coordinates all our actions and activities.

Organisations and agencies that can provide Early Help include:

For other services try browsing the Local Offer directory for an organisation that can help you.