Early Help Assessment (eEHA)

BannerWhat is an Early Help Assessment

An Early Help Assessment (EHA) helps families, children and young people work in partnership with practitioners to identify:

  • what is going well in your family,
  • what the worries are and
  • what needs to happen to help things improve.

Together you will then agree the best way to make this happen. This will be written into an action plan, which is agreed with you and your child.

An EHA is voluntary, and you and child can choose if you want to be involved.

An EHA can prevent family members from having to repeat information to different professionals by recording this in a single document which, with your permission can be shared

The Early Help Assessment will help

  • professionals identify children and young people at risk of poor outcomes
  • reduce duplication of assessment
  • improve involvement between agencies
  • Create an individualised support plan and a record through whole family assessments

How to book Electronic Early Help Assessment (eEHA) Training?

In Tower Hamlets, the eEHA training is accessed via the Holistix management system. Existing Holistix users can access Holistix via their logins. Professionals who are not Holistix users can request training by accessing the following link training link or

email: EarlyHelpIT@towerhamlets.gov.uk

Tel: 020 7364 6238

For more information about Early Help Assessments please contact the Early Help Partner Co-ordinators, EHPC.

Social Inclusion Panel (SIP)

Teenager exclusion

The Social Inclusion Panel (SIP) is part of the Early Help and Children & Family offer.  The SIP is a multidisciplinary panel with the remit to reduce social exclusion. The Panel’s membership includes a broad range of partners from Health, Schools, Voluntary Sector and Children’s Services.  Collectively, they provide advice on complex cases, recommendations through co-ordinated oversight and monitoring. 

The panel is currently chaired by a senior manager within the Early Help and Children & Family Service.  These meetings are held every fortnight.

Download our guide to find out more about the Social Inclusion Panel

How to refer to SIP?

If you would like to make a referral to the Social Inclusion Panel (SIP), an Early Help Assessment must be completed or in some circumstances a statutory Children Social Care Single Assessment  may be submitted alongside an email to EarlyHelpIT@towerhamlets.gov.uk asking for the case to be submitted to the panel.