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Early Help Assessment (eEHA)

The Early Help Assessment replaced the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) as the assessment and planning tool to help coordinated multi-agency support.

It helps

  • professionals identify the needs of children and young people at risk of poor outcomes
  • it reduces duplication of assessment and
  • improves involvement between agencies.

Professionals referring families for Early Help support will need to complete an eEHA with the child/children to determine the need(s) of each member of the family.

An EHA plan can then follow, which sets out how the family and identified services can work in partnership to address needs and concerns and overcome barriers.

For more information about Early Help Assessments, see the Early Help Practice Guide.

Early Help assessments can be completed online, following attendance at eEHA training. The eEHA System user guide can assist you with step by step guides on how to complete the e-form.

To access the eEHA system, users must complete training

The how-to-guides have been taken from the full guide and will be available shortly:

  • 1.1  How to log in
  • 1.2  How to amend your profile settings
  • 1.3  How to search for a case
  • 1.4  How to create a new case
  • 1.5  How to add family members to a case
  • 1.6  How to add professionals to a case / provide case access to a colleague
  • 1.7  How to set or change a lead professional
  • 1.8  How to create an Early Help Assessment
  • 1.9  How to complete an eEHA
  • 1.10  How to upload a document to a case
  • 1.11  How to update an assessment
  • 1.12  How to finalise an assessment
  • 1.13  How to view and edit an action
  • 1.14  How to create a delivery plan review (eEHA review)
  • 1.15  How to print from a case
  • 1.16  How to add a case note
  • 1.17  How to view a score distance travelled (graph)
  • 1.18  How to create a message
  • 1.19  How to close a case

If you require access to eEHA or have any queries, please contact the Early Help IT help desk on 020 7364 6238 or via email to EarlyHelpIT@towerhamlets.gov.uk