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Tower Hamlets Family Hubs

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What are Family Hubs?

Family Hubs are a new way of bringing together all the support a family may need, from pregnancy through to young people turning 19 (or 25 if they SEND).

Tower Hamlets vision is for Family Hubs to operate as a network of services which includes health, education, housing, council and the voluntary sector.

These services work together to provide high quality, whole-family, joined up support, ensuring that children, young people and families get the right help at the right time.

The Family Hubs initiative was launched by Andrea Leadsom in conjunction with the Anna Freud Centre and the Early Intervention Foundation (EIF) 

“The Government has committed to championing Family Hubs. They are a way of joining up locally to improve access to services, the connections between families, professionals, services providers, and putting relationships at the heart of family help.

Hub buildings are supported by virtual offers, with services for families with children of all ages. How services are delivered varies from place to place, but these principles are key to the Family Hub model.”

Our shared vision for Family Hubs

Every child, young person and family feels included in their communities. Is happy and healthy and can get the help they need to thrive and reach their potential.

By sharing resources and working together, we can ensure families receive the services they need. Parents will feel supported and part their communities accessing help they need without barriers.

This shared and integrated Early Help approach, will mean:

  • Coordinated services resulting in healthy, happy babies and young children who are well attached to resilient and confident caregivers
  • Healthy, happy children and young people progressing through their education. Developing emotional resilience, social skills and positive aspirations
  • Young adults in appropriate education, training or employment. In stable relationships and with living skills that make them healthy and independent

Our shared mission

Early Help in Tower Hamlets is delivered through a family hub approach

We are a community of families and services that are working together to provide timely support for families by helping create opportunities to improve the lives of children.

What are we doing?

We are currently in the first stage of the Family Hub development process.

We are gathering information to outline the needs of children, young people and families and engaging with all relevant stakeholders to understand how best Family Hubs can meet those needs.

To do this, we have held the following stakeholder events:

Family Hubs networking event

Wednesday 3 February 2022

This event was about bringing together partners to network and acquire feedback, ideas and suggestions on the locality working model.

The aim of the partner network launch event is to bring together local organisations that work with families to discuss how we can embed a community driven, coordinated early help offer for families with children aged 0-19 (25 with SEND).

Family Hub partnership

Parent Family Hubs networking event

Wednesday 23 March 2022

This event was about giving parents a chance to give feedback on the services for families, children and young people and in explaining the Family Hub approach.

There were many different organisations who had information stalls. The even was also attended by Deputy Mayor Cllr Asma Begum.

Family Hub parent event

Family Hubs Workshop - Building a Consensus for Change

Thursday 31 March 2022

This workshop for parents, carers and practitioners was about reviewing local strengths and areas for development. We looked at how services for children, young people and families are organised and agreed on the desired outcomes for children and families.

Family Hubs workshop at the PDC

Locality partnership

Locality partnership have been set up in each of the four localities within Tower Hamlets – North West, North East, South East and South West.

The purpose of the groups is for stakeholders within each of the respective localities to come together and support the Family Hub development process.

Each Locality Partnership consists of stakeholders from the council, health sector, voluntary sector, local schools and nurseries, as well as parents and family representatives.

Each Locality Partnership aims to meet every 4-6 weeks.

North West Locality Partnership Group 

  • Thursday 11 August 2022

Please contact Luthfa.Rahman@towerhamlets.gov.uk 020 7364 4803 for more details.

North East Locality Partnership Group

Dates of upcoming meetings

  • Tuesday 16 August 2022
  • Tuesday 27 September 2022
  • Tuesday 29 November 2022

Please contact Luthfa.Meah@towerhamlets.gov.uk 020 7364 5319 for more details.

South East Locality Partnership Group

Dates of upcoming meetings

  • Thursday 25 August 2022
  • Thursday 29 September 2022

Please contact andrew.regan@towerhamlets.gov.uk 020 7364 7729 for more details.

South West Locality Partnership Group

Dates of upcoming meetings

  • Friday 12 August 2022
  • Friday 16 September 2022

Please contact syeda.pasha@towerhamlets.gov.uk 020 7364 3262 for more details.

Upcoming events and activities 

We will be hosting informative and interactive events and activities in the upcoming months and will advertise details in this page.

How can you get involved?

Join one of our four Locality Partnership groups.

Join our Parents Forum which are open to families.

Speak to a Community Engagement Manager at one of our Children and Family Centres to find out more about the Family Hubs and how you can get involved