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Change of circumstances

Until you are rehoused or an application is withdrawn or cancelled you must tell us immediately of any change of circumstances.

Please tell us if:

  • your contact details have changed
  • you have changed address
  • your family grows or someone moves out
  • your marital status has changed (including the death of a spouse / partner)
  • your sole or joint income increases to more than £90,000 per year
  • you want to add or remove a joint applicant
  • you or someone on your application has changed name
  • you or someone on your application becomes the owner or gains a legal interest in a property. This can be in the UK and/or abroad
  • there have been any gender changes in the household
  • you or a household member becomes connected to someone in Tower Hamlets Council or a housing association
  • there are any other changes you think we should know about

You can tell us about more than one change at a time.

Advice on uploading documents

The form may need you to upload documents as proof.

You can either scan your documents using a scanner, or photograph them using your phone’s camera.

The best format to upload documents in is PDF.

Read our tips on how to use your phone to create PDFs of your documents.  If you do not have access to a scanner or camera phone at home, you may be able to use a scanner at your local Idea Store.

Before you tell us of changes

If you are unable to finish the form in one go, you can save your application and finish it later.

Make sure the details you enter into the form are true and accurate. We will assess your application based on the information you give us.

Please read our obligation to be truthful statement before you tell us about changes.

Tell us about a change of circumstance