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Development Coordination – information for the Local Community and Developers

There are many benefits to development, including new affordable housing, schools, health centres and parks. However, the construction phase can result in increased noise, dust and extra traffic on local roads.

These impacts are managed through a number of planning conditions, as part of an approved planning application, including the requirement to prepare a Construction Management Plan and have it approved by the council.

Approved development planning applications and associated documents can be viewed by entering the site address or planning reference number on the Online Planning Register page.

Here you can view:

  • Approved site plans
  • Construction Management Plans (explaining how the developer intends on carrying out the approved works)
  • Approved hours of operation
    • Approved out of hours/weekend works
    • Noise suppression measures
    • Dust suppression measures
    • Site vehicle entrances and exits and how these may impact upon the local road network
    • Road closures
    • Pavement closures
  • Site delivery schedules.

Construction Management Plan pro-forma

The Construction Management Plan (CMP) should contain details of:

  • site traffic analysis including Construction Logistics Plan
  • proposed road and pedestrian closures
  • wheel washing facilities
  • an air quality and dust risk assessment
  • the cumulative impact of construction activities
  • hours of site operations
  • measures to control the emission of dust and dirt during construction
  • community liaison
  • utility services
  • the erection of scaffolding and hoardings.

The CMP will be expected to meet the requirements as set out in the GLA SPG on the Control of Dust and Emissions During Construction.

For strategic and major developments:

The CMP is required for all strategic and major developments, as well as some minor works that include basement development (due to potential negative impacts for neighbouring residents and public realm).

If you wish to confirm whether a CMP is required for your scheme, please contact planning@towerhamlets.gov.uk.

Download the CMP pro-forma.

Have a question about the submission?

If you have a specific query relating to the submission of the CMP, then please contact the relevant team:

Marsh Wall Construction Forum (MWCF)

Every six weeks the Development Coordination Team hosts an online forum that brings together developers and contractors who are working around the Marsh Wall, Isle of Dogs area.

The forums provide an opportunity for developers to update on the following:

  • progress of site works
  • logistics planning
  • approved out-of-hours works
  • planned weekend works
  • any other issues that may affect local residents and businesses.

The forum aims to improve coordination and collaboration between developers, contractors and the council.

View minutes from

Who to contact

Many queries can be answered by looking through the Construction Management Plan (CMP) for a particular development site. This is available to view on the Online Planning Register.

General enquiries can also be made via the duty planner service on 020 7364 5009 available from Monday-Friday, 9am-1pm. 

You can also contact the following departments if you have a specific question

Development coordination

General queries 

Duty Planner Service - 020 7364 5009
Monday to Friday 9am to 1pm


Report a breach of planning


Queries concerning roads, pavements, road closures, site deliveries


Queries relating to site hoardings, scaffolding on pavements




Noise from site, dust from site, air quality issues, site related waste



Unsafe structures



Excessive noise 



Excessive dust



Working outside of permitted hours



Site deliveries taking place outside of permitted hours




Works not in accordance with approved plans


Issues with access to roads & pavements



Development Infrastructure Coordination Service

The new Development Infrastructure Coordination Service support developers by providing essential information regarding local utility infrastructure.

If you are a developer, for a small charge, the council’s Infrastructure Coordination Service can assist with utility connections and liaison with utility providers.

The coordinator can interface with infrastructure providers and ensure that development connections are delivered in a timely and efficient manner, reducing disruption.

The service was created with The Mayor of London and further information can be found on the Infrastructure coordination development Sway office website.

The infrastructure coordinator can be contacted by email at ics@towerhamlets.gov.uk and can be used to support developments from pre-application through delivery on site.