Suspension terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions

1. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, no more than 10 car spaces will be approved per application per day for a suspension.

2. Although the council will put up appropriate suspension signs, no guarantee can be given that the site will be clear of illegally parked vehicles.

3. Full payment of the suspension charges must be received by LBTH Parking Services at least 7 working days in advance of the date on which the suspension is due to start. Failure to comply with this time limit may result in the suspension not being processed.

4. Suspension charges are not negotiable.

5. Unauthorised vehicles are not permitted to park in suspended spaces for any reason and may be removed. 

6. Unauthorised vehicles are those that are not actively in use for any activity for which the space has been suspended.

7.  Any changes to suspension applications after the suspension is processed and paid for are subject to another Non-Refundable Admin Charge.

8. For any cancellations, 3 working days notice is required prior to the start date of the suspension by email and is subject to LBTH’s discretion.  

9. If the suspension needs to be extended, you need to give 3 working days notice and send an email to the suspensions team before the suspension is due to end.

10. If a suspension is needed for more than two weeks or of more than 10 car spaces (60 metres), we need ten days’ notice. This is required to allow for a site visit before approval.

11. We require at least seven working days to accommodate a bay suspension. This is in order to give residents enough notice to make alternative arrangements.

12. In some exceptional circumstance’s suspensions can be arranged at short notice (minimum 3 Days’ notice) with discretion of Tower Hamlets.

a. An additional supplementary Emergency Surcharge will be applicable per application. Payment must be made within a timeframe given by Tower Hamlets Suspension Team.

b. Some examples of acceptable reasons for emergency:

  • Gas/water Leaks
  • Road Collapse
  • Police for security purpose.

c. Emergency suspension must be agreed by Tower Hamlets Suspension Team by phone (0207 364 6586) before application is submitted. If application is submitted without agreement application may be rejected.