Reading: Knotted by Queen of Arts Theatre Company

ArtsOne Pinter Studio Mile End Road E1 4NS
Drama, Dance and Performance, Season of Bangla Drama
Sunday 12th November 2023 (18:00-19:00)
KNOTTED - Facebook Post

Knotted is a new play by artist, theatre maker and writer Tasnim Siddiqa Amin. The story follows two best friends who have found themselves trapped underground someplace. They must work together to escape, but do they trust each other? A gripping coming-of-age tale about the blurry lines between love and friendship.

The play tackles themes of love, friendship, sexual identity and internal religious conflict. The title alludes to the struggle that is common for young queer people from Muslim families.

The play has a radical narrative structure. The timelines chop and change. The stories they tell one another become surreal. What is real and what is fantasy? What secrets remain unspoken?

Doors 5.30pm, Show 6.00pm

English | 60 minutes


Booking recommended