Register a still birth

Please telephone 020 7364 7880 to make an appointment to register a stillbirth or email

Although upsetting, registering a still-birth is a legal requirement. A child is legally defined as stillborn if they are born after week 24 of a pregnancy, and did not, at any time after being born, breathe or show any other signs of life. A child who breathed or showed other signs of life is considered live-born for registration purposes regardless of many weeks into the duration of the pregnancy and therefore must be registered, first as a birth, then as a death.

Please read the government guidelines thoroughly before booking an appointment.


There is no cost for registering and certificate of registration will be issued free of charge to the person who completes the registration.

You are able to order more certificates at a later stage for the national fee. Find out more about ordering more certificates and about our fees.

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