Offices moved to Mulberry Place

The Licensing Authority moved offices in May 2021 to Mulberry Place (Tower Hamlets Town Hall). 

Any adverts for applications stating John Onslow House will be rejected, as post is no longer accepted and therefore will not be received by the Licensing Authority.

Theatre licence

Public performances of stage plays must be licensed under the Licensing Act 2003. The definition of a play includes any dramatic piece, involving speech, singing or action and the playing of a role. Ballets and musicals are also included in this definition.

A play is a licensable activity under the Licensing Act 2003. Find out more about how to obtain a licence.

Copies of the Licensing Act 2003 can be obtained from Office of Public Sector Information, or a copy can be inspected at the Council offices where you may also obtain details of the fee, an application form and further help or advice. You will be contacted in writing on receipt of the application form.